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Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

Chinese temple

Wat Khao Phra Sri Sanphetchayaram U thong

Million Bat at Wat khao Chong Pran

Wat Lam Phaaya Floating Market

Dragon building

Lake Chawak/Underwaterworld and The Zoo

Sam Chuck


Temple in Ayutthaya

Chinese temple


Camping at Huay Mae Khamin Waterfall.

Camping is permitted in two idyllic location in the parts headquarters,next to thhe waterfalls and overlook Si sawat Reservoir.Both are in fantastic spots,offering great views and your own private swiming area next to your tent.

Huai Mea Khamin waterfall

Huai Mea Khamin waterfall is major attraction in SriNakarin Dam national park.The multi-tiered waterfall is know for its seenic beauty relaxing at mosphere and trekking trails to admire butterflies and birds

Nakhon Pathom

The name is meaning"first city" and Nakhon Pathom is there fore often veferred to as Thailand's oldest city.Archaeological remains have been found from the (pre-thai)Dvaravati kingdom dating from the 6th to 11th centuries.

Wat Sang Kra tai Temple

this temple was built by the villageres ,assumed to be dated back around mid 17th-18th century.The temple was in its original shape and held by 4 Bodhi tree at the 4 corners. One interestting ,fact about this temple is that,Usually, the ordination hall has big spacious room but this temple's ordination hall is divided into 3 parts.It is very unusual lay out of the temple at that time. Inside can see how the nature,the main root of the Bodhi tree climbing over the brick wall and spreading their roots as the backgound behind the Buddha image.it is belived that the Lord Buddha image enshrinced inside is very holy. Many times, local visitors come here to ask for successful work and health.

Bat...at Wat Chantharam

The area is densely forested,making it a perfact habitat for bats and birds that have calledthe area home for hundreds of years.During the day,visitors can observe the creatures as they sleep,hanging upside dawn on the dark branch of the numerous trees.

Wat Khun Inthapramun

Wat Khun Inthapramun is ancient temple that was contructed during the Sukhothai period ,its vast size still outlined by brick ruins.The largest and longest reclining Buddha statue in Thailand,50 meters from top to feet,is enshrined here. Originally the reclining Buddha image was house in the image hall,or Wihan,but after a fire raged though the temple,the image was a bandoned to the elements for hundreds of years. Many Thai kings have paid homage to the imade,including king Borommakot in 1753,King RamaV in 1878 and 1908,as well as the current king,who presented royal Kathin robes in 1973 and 1975. Inside an all-purpose pavillion,there is a statue of Khun Inthapramun( a much -storied figure) as well as his presumed remains. According to legend,Khun inthapramun was a revenue officer who secretly embezzled from goverment to build the massive Buddha image,when the king asked hoe he obtained the funds. Khun Inthapramun did not reveal the truth because he was afaid that merit from the construction of the image would be passed on to the king .He was finally sentenced to death.

Ride a bicycle

Thai Massage

House boat


Kanchanaburi is a province located in western Thailand,bordering Myanmar.

Thai cooking class

Wat Muang Temple

WWihan kew, is home to museum(open on weekends from 09.00 am -05.00pm) with sacred objects,antiques and figures of nationally venerated monks on display.The upper floor of the museum house the first and largest silver holy Buddha image of the country,which was creatted in

Ang thong

There are many tourist destination mostly the main places about history,religion,cuiture,lifestyle and loccal knowleage. It is considered a province that remains Thai life for people to see.


Tham Than lot national park.

Commonly know among locals at Tham Than lot Nationnal Park, this 54 square kilometer national park embraces verdant forest.wildlife animals,waterfall and several caves including main attractions, such as Than lot noi and Than lot yai cave,which are accessible through a 2.5 kilometer nature trail along the stream. tha two caves are naturally decorated with spectacular stalactites and stalagmites one of which is the world tallest.satalag mite pillar.

River Kwai bridge.

Kanchanaburi ,in Myanmar border, is home to the famous Bridge River Kwai.During world war 2 Japan constructed the meter -gauge railway line from Banpong,Thailand to Thanbyuzayat,Burma.the line passing though the seenic Three pagodas Pass runs for 250 miles.this is now as the Death Railway.

Kung Im chaple

Located next to the bridge on the River Kwai is Kung Im chapel. On first impressions you might think this is a Chinese temple because of its architecture but is in fact a buddhist temple with a Chinese in mind.

Wat Tham sua

Wat thum sua located about 12 km southeat of Kanchanaburi town The Buddha of WatTham sua which is name"Chin Prathanporn, and often the first stop of the people wishing to pay their respects,often purchasing sheets of goldleaf and placing them on much smaller statues as thanks. there are several other beautifully decorated Chedi that you can take a look inside giving blessing in return for an offering.

Erawan waterfall

the Erawan waterfall is actually a protected national Park in Thailand so there's an entrance Fee for foreigners. Erawan water fall , name of the tree headed elephant,is famous for its 7 layers of fall. the first layer is not that much to look at but just a strem with a few picnic table. the beaty really begins at the 2 nd waterfall the 3rd level of Erawan waterfall also provides a great opportunily for a dip. the 4th level it is ready to swim